The Polish Investment & Trade Agency opens its first Foreign Trade Office in France, Paris

The governmental Agency chooses France’s capital city for the proximity to decision centers and the presence of numerous Polish companies established in Paris Region. Image: Actualites/polish-investment.jpg

Polish Investment and Trade Agency is the first point of contact and a comprehensive source of information for both exporters and investors. The Agency intensifies Polish export, develops Polish foreign investments and works to increase the inflow of investments to Poland. Supporting entrepreneurs, PAIH assists them in overcoming administrative and legal procedures related to specific projects and helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable location, reliable partners and suppliers.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is gradually developing the network of Foreign Trade Offices (FTO), whose main task is to support expansion and investments of Polish enterprises on foreign markets, as well as attracting investors to Poland. Ultimately, 70 offices will be operating, mainly located in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and both Americas, in places with the greatest growth potential for Polish companies. In France, where the agency had no presence so far, it will support French companies wanting to set up a business in Poland. The service will also provide information to Polish companies based in Paris Region which plan to set up in France and export their goods and services abroad.

A personalized support to help the Polish Investment & Trade Agency in setting up its presence in Paris

To locate a Foreign Trade Office in France, Mrs. Wojnarowicz, project manager at the PAIH contacted the Set Up in France team after looking for support online. She connected with a bilingual project manager at the end of July 2017 who offered her a free and confidential service. She was looking for an office in which 3 people would work. She needed information regarding all administrative steps to open this office in France and was also looking for advice regarding the different leasing practices in France. She had the opportunity to share her specific search criteria and key questions regarding the establishment of a Foreign Trade Office in Paris.

"When we took a decision to set up an office in France and, as a project manager, I was looking for information in how this process would work. Set Up In France gave me all the required information about the practice and law in France." -Mrs. Wojnarowicz

Setting up facilitation in France thanks to our local partners

The Set Up In France team connected then Mrs. Wojnarowicz with its local partner Paris Region Entreprises. She had the possibility to discuss with local experts regarding all specific questions PAIH had. Paris Region Entreprises provided her with admin information she needed and with data regarding local facilities. The project manager wanted to visit sites having an easy access to public transportation as well as a pleasant environment. Access to economic decision centers should also be facilitated.

"Thanks to the professional support from Laurent Ponce, project manager at Paris Region Entreprises, our process of establishing our Foreign Trade Office in Paris was safe and smooth." -Mrs. Wojnarowicz

Over october Mrs. Wojnarowicz and her team visited several offices and they had the opportunity to compare different potential locations meeting their needs and criteria around Paris. A couple of months later, PAIH’s team chose an address in the 8th arrondissement’s beautiful environment where multiple decision centers are based. The support provided by Paris Region Entreprises, the ability to counsel Mrs. Wojnarowicz and several visits contributed to facilitate and to accelerate the first Polish Foreign Trade Office’s establishment in Paris.

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  • Contat: Monika Kamińska-Jablonka, Head of Office, mob.: +33 680 211 860
  • Adress: 32 rue de la Bienfaisance, 78008 Paris

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