Public funding & incentives

France offers attractive funding opportunities and business incentives at national and local levels for various sectors and for all stages of a company’s development.

A comprehensive range of funding opportunities and business incentives

Support from national and local authorities can take various forms and, depending on your project, you may benefit from the following support:

  • Grants for investment, recruitment and innovation projects
  • Subsidized or interest-free loans
  • Tax incentives (research tax credit, employment tax credit and other tax breaks)
  • Identification of equity investment opportunities (venture capital, growth capital, etc.)
  • Funding for specific expenses (training costs, etc.)

Focus on the Research Tax Credit

France’s Research Tax Credit scheme is one the leading innovation incentives in Europe. It covers 30% of all R&D expenses (up to € 100 million) regardless of the size, business sector and nationality of the company. Salaries for research staff are wholly integrated, plus 50% of R&D operating costs and 75% of investments in R&D operations.

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How to find the suitable funding sources

Our team will help you to find the suitable funding sources depending on your project.
Available support depends on various criteria such as:

  • Location,
  • Size of the company (start-up, SME, large company, etc.),
  • Type of investment project (real estate, R&D, buyout, etc.),
  • Business sector (industry, renewable energy, digital, etc.),
  • Number of jobs created and/or maintained

We will discuss your project and its main features – in a free and confidential way – to review the most suitable options. Our team will connect you with the relevant partners to help you go through the processes.

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Securing your project’s success through multichannel support

Funding your project may require support from multiple stakeholders. Our experts can therefore connect you with several public and private stakeholders: the State, local and regional authorities, business angels, industrial partners, the Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance), specialized organizations, etc.

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By using our investor support service, you will confidentially and within 48 hours, receive comprehensive information on each item needed to set up your project in France.