Software publisher eProseed opens new office in Paris

The software publisher sets up in France and chooses Paris to open his first office. Image: Actualites/paris-eproseed-new-office.jpg

eProseed, founded in 2003 in Luxembourg, is a global services provider and software publisher. The group generated 14 millions euros in sales in 2017. In order to sustain its growth and benefit from the opportunities of the world’s fifth largest economy, eProseed planned to open its first office in Paris.

“ As the country continues its digital transformation efforts, new challenges arise which need to be identified and solved. This is where eProseed comes in, the underlying rationale of the company’s approach being to support customers in solving their hardest challenges* ”

-Geoffroy de Lamalle, Chief Executive Officer of eProseed

*More information on eProseed's website

Personalized advice from Paris Region Entreprises and Set up in France teams

Looking for support in this project, the company contacted the Set Up in France team as it needed personalized advice regarding the choice of premises and the creation of a legal structure to effectively start a business in France.

Our team informed Paris Region Entreprises which provided eProseed with suitable information to set up an office in Paris. Following the opening of this office, eProseed can now deliver professional services throughout and across the private, public, and social sectors in France.

By using our investor support service, you will confidentially and within 48 hours, receive comprehensive information on each item needed to set up your project in France.