France attracted a higher amount of foreign investments in 2017

Recent studies have shown that France has attracted a high number of foreign investments in 2017. Here are some of the highlights that show how the country has become one of the most business-friendly destinations. Image: Actualites/business-meeting-set-up-in-france-team.jpg

Last year, the average number of foreign investment decisions was equivalent to five factory openings or expansions of business activities per business day. In total, 1 300 decisions related to foreign investments were taken, which is higher by 16% compared to 2016. One third of those decisions are due to new stakeholders/players, investing and setting up on the French market for the first time.

These superior results can be explained by the improvement of the image of the country. Indeed, according to the Soft Power 30 annual index, published in July 2017 and compiled by the firm Portland Communications and the University of Southern California School of Public Diplomacy, France is the most influential country in the world, before the United-Kingdom and the USA. The attractiveness of France can also be explained by the election of the new government promoting a country that is pro-business. In addition to that, policy reforms were introduced, including tax cuts and lighter labour rules, reinsuring foreign companies that France is very business-friendly.

Thus, many multinationals took the decision to invest further on the French market. Among them, Toyota invested 300 million euros and Häagen-Dazs invested 14 million euros on their sites in northern France. Facebook announced that the company would invest 10 million euros from now to 2020. And finally, Google, Samsung and Fujitsu decided to open artificial intelligence research centers.

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