Val bio ouest - Land and offices dedicated to the organic sector

In the heart of the VAL BIO OUEST village, an organic hub that promotes the grain and plant activities.

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Type of property

Potentially up to 60 hectares for companies in the organic agribusiness sector.

Location and access

At the centre of a motorway hub that offers perfect visibility from the A10, AL BIO OUEST, located in Saint-Jean d’Angély, has two TGV (high-speed train) stations nearby (Surgères 20 minutes, Niort 30 minutes). From the Bordeaux airport (1hr 15), La Rochelle (50 minutes). Saint-Jean d’Angély is on the rolling road corridor currently in the planning stage.


From 60,000 m²

Technical characteristics and services

  • The companies that set up have access to many operational and economic advantages, which include : 
  • Reclassification of the zone in ZRR (Rural Revitalisation Zone): Exemption systems for employer's social security contributions, corporate income tax, corporate property tax and tax on developed land during the first years of a company's set-up 
  • A broad and very competitive selection of land connected to all networks, with potentially up to 60 ha available
  • Assistance with all Department, Region, State and Europe investment aids both for corporate property and moveable property
  • Carrying cost tools
  • Accelerated processing of administrative dossiers: building permit, authorisations, connections, etc.
  • The implementation of agribusiness relays so the activity can start
  • Coverage of landscaping
  • And other shared services


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