Pre-fitted offices 220 m² in Bassin de Lacq

In CHEMPARC, the chemicals and industrial cluster for the south in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, boasting an international reputation and comprises four SEVESO II-listed platforms and seven industrial hubs.

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Type of property

Located in Bassin industriel de Lacq, Hôtel de Jeunes Entreprises CHEMSTART’UP (2 500 m²) has been hosting young companies since 2011 specialising in fine chemicals, new materials, green chemistry, composites and nano materials. Young specialist companies enjoy a specific and secure environment along with the ideal conditions for expanding up to industrial levels

Location and access

These offices are located in bassin industriel de Lacq.


Offices starting at 220 m²

Technical features and services

Eight pre-fitted modules available to project carriers with share space and individual boxes for storage allocated as follows: Each module includes: 75m² of administrative space (modular offices). 75m² of pre-fitted laboratories (draining boards, fume cabinet, etc.) with full safety features (smoke and toxic gas detectors, air extractors, safety shows, eye washers, etc.). 50m² of secured premises, 6m max headroom for installing industrial mini-pilots. This secure hall is also equipped with smoke and toxic gas detectors with air extractors. An annex of 20m² for storage (individual box).


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