Office for rent in Hannibal Business Village - Cournonsec

Located west of Montpellier, less than 30 minutes from the centre of Montpellier and near Sète (commercial port)

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The Village d'entreprises artisanales et de services Hannibal offers a selection of high-quality business properties for small-scale industries or service companies, in terms of quality, price and flexibility.
With a total floor area of1,300 m², it offers for rent 10 workshops (from 122 to 170 m²) and 11 offices (from 60 m²).

Types of property

Available immediately, offices for rent from 60 m²

Location and access

  • 20 minutes from the A9 motorway and 25 minutes from the A75 motorway
  • 25 minutes from the St Roch train station
  • 30 minutes from the TGV Sud de France high-speed train station
  • 20 minutes from the Montpellier airport
  • Serviced by bus


1,300 m² complex including 700 m² of offices from 60 m²

Technical characteristics and services 

The VEAS Parc 2000 is located close to shops and services (Frigoulet light industrial zone, Intermarché, food services, accounting firm)
The site is closed and secured.
Flexible rental lease (in terms of conditions, dates, lease term, etc.)


Offices: From 83 to 95 € without taxes, per m² and per year

Warehouse: 75 € without taxes, per m² and per year

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